What's Live2D Animation?

Well, it's like bringing your 2D drawings to life! You don't need to go all out with frame-by-frame animation or 3D models. Instead, you use layers and parts based on your original illustration.Features: This nifty technique lets your characters move around with that cool 2.5D effect while still keeping that original drawing vibe.Tools: You can use tools like Live2D Cubism, Spine 2D, or DragonBones to get your Live2D animation game going.Application: So, where can you use Live2D animation? Well, it's a hit with VTubers, games, and videos, to name a few. It's all about giving that extra oomph to your 2D creations!

Services offered:

VTuber/ Face-tracking

Customize and create your own avatar with various expressions and animations!
Ready to be used for VTube Studio!


Games animations

Custom Animations

Any animations of your choice
(one-off animation that play once)

Idle/Looping animations

Idle/looping animations
(looping animation that plays repeatedly)

Live2D Animation workflow first part
Live2D Animation workflow second part


The price listed here is not finalized, for the finalized prices, please do ask me for a quote directly, you can do this by contacting me via social media or filling in the commission form.


Recommended for Chibi/mascot characters

Starts from $ 170 USD


Recommended for bust up/ waist up characters

Starts from $ 450 USD


Recommended for full body characters

Starts from $ 640 USD


Recommended for clients that want more degree of freedom

Starts from $ ??? USD

(Please refer to "Details Pricing Breakdown and Components Details" and choose the components that you want)

Head angle XY (turning left/right, up/down)-YesYes
Head angle Z (tilting)YesYesYes
Body angle XY (turning left/right, up/down)-Simple upper body movementDetailed full body movement
Body angle Z (tilting)YesYesDetailed
Eye movement + BlinkingYesYesDetailed
Eyebrow movementYesYesYes
Mouth movementBasicAEIOU mouth formAEIOU mouth form + mouth X (left/right) + tongue
PhysicsSimple bust-upStandardDetailed
Breathing (Default Idle Animation)YesYesYes

**Please provide me with your character design.

Additional Add-on

Expressions30-60 USD +Tracking (eye, mouth, head, etc) works even after the expressions are toggled. Might need extra parts/drawing from the artists
Body poses30 USD +The pose will stay and only be changed by the user's hotkey. Might need extra parts/drawing from the artists
Outfits/accessories changing20-80 USD +Different outfits/accessories can be in the same model or separate as a different model
Idle/Looping animations20 USD ++Animation that plays repeatedly until it is changed by the user's hotkey. Prices will vary a lot depending on the animation requested
Custom animationsAsk me for a QuoteOne-off animation that plays once, has the least restriction among other components. Too many factors that will affect the price. Might need extra parts/drawing from the artists
PSD file cutting/cleaning100 USD ++Depending on the PSD file condition. I will not hesitate to charge if the PSD is in no condition to rig
ConsultationFreeAdvice/tips on any Live2D-related stuff. I might charge if things get too time-consuming
Other additional requestsNegotiableDepending on the subject

**Extra details on each component can be found in the details breakdown below (including the breakdown of the prices).
It can also be used to customize the model.

Details Pricing Breakdown and Components Details

Head Movement

Head angle X

USD 90 +

Head angle Y

USD 60 +

Head angle Z

USD 20 +

**Prices might be varied depending on the number of hair accessories, hair strands and etc.

Body Movement

Simple Upper Body angle X

USD 40 +

Simple Upper Body angle Y

USD 30 +

Simple Upper Body angle Z

USD 15 +

Detailed Full Body angle X

USD 70 +

Detailed Full Body angle Y

USD 50 +

Detailed Full Body angle Z

USD 25 +

**Prices might be varied depending on the number of body accessories.

Eye Movement

Eye blinking

USD 30 +

Detailed Eye blinking

USD 55 +

Eyeball movement

USD 15 +

Eyebrow movement

USD 15 +

Mouth Movement

Basic Mouth movement

USD 30 +

AEIOU Mouth movement

USD 50 +

AEIOU Mouth + Mouth X + Tongue movement

USD 75 +


Simple bust-up Physics

USD 40 +

Standard Physics

USD 80 +

Detailed Physics

USD 160 +

**Prices might be varied depending on the number of head/body accessories.




**Breathing is the default idle animation, idle animation can be changed, please refer to the idle animation section for more details.

Additional Add-on


Expressions Stickers

USD 10 +

Facial Expressions

USD 30 +

Full Body Expressions

USD 60 +

The expressions will stay until it is toggled off by the user.-Expressions stickers are stickers (such as sweat, blush, stars) that toggle on/off (Usually no animation will be involved).-Facial expressions are expressions changed including brow/mouth/eye (facial parts only) etc, the mouth will have a different track-able form (same goes for other track-able facial parts). Animation/movement such as teardrop is possible.-Full body expressions are similar to facial expressions with added hand/body/leg (body parts as well) movements.-Please provide me with picture/video references for expressions.

Body Poses/Accessories/Outfits

Body Poses

USD 30 +

Body/Head Accessories

USD 20 +


USD 80 +

**Prices might be varied depending on the complexity of head/body accessories and the outfits.-The pose/accessory/outfit will stay and only be changed by the user's hotkey.-Physics is included with the add-on.-Please provide me with picture/video references for character poses, and the design for extra accessories and outfits.

Idle/Looping Animations

Idle Animations (Game)

USD 20 +

Idle Animations (Game)

USD 20 +

Idle Animation (face-tracking)

USD 20 +

**Prices varied a lot depending on the animation requested.-The idle animation will stay and play repeatedly until it is changed by the user's hotkey.-Track-able parts (head/eyes/mouth etc/) of idle animation will overwrite by face-tracking. That's why idle animation usually does not involve the track-able parts.-Please provide me with picture/video references for idle/looping animations.

Custom Animations

Custom Animations 1

Ask me for a Quote

Custom Animations 2

Ask me for a Quote

Custom Animations 3

Ask me for a Quote

**Custom animation is one-off animation that plays once, it has the least restriction among other components.-There are lots of complications involved in producing custom animation, such as lengths, body parts involved, specifications, and the possibility of realizing it due to technicalities difficulties. It is nearly impossible to quote a price on the fly. Further discussion is needed.-Please provide me with picture/video references for custom animations.

Other Additional Requests

Flame Animation


Body Leaning


Pseudo 3D object


**The scope for additional requests is huge. Ranging from hand-tracking (webcam), to mouse tracking, poses like hip-shaking, or special visual effects such as magnifying glass or flame movement, it is impossible to price. Any of such requests are negotiable.-Please provide me with picture/video references for any additional requests.




Special Animations

Flame Animation

Magic Circle

Special effect- Afterimage


Body Leaning

Voice Sync

Pseudo 3D object

Magnifying Effect

Glittering/shining Effect

Unlimited Shadow Works

Terms of Service

  1. Definition: The Live2D animator refer to me, the individual that getting paid for commission or services. The client refers to the individual that pay or commission the Live2D animator for the services.

  2. Services: The Live2D animator works, animates, and rigs the existing artworks (PSD file) to create VTuber models, game models, animations, emotes, idle animations, and other form of animations. The Live2D animator does not provide services to illustrate an artwork/drawing/illustration.

  3. Communications: All communication related to commissions must be made through email, Discord DM, or Twitter DM. Please refrain from sending commission-related messages through more than one platform.

  4. References/artworks: The client is responsible for providing clear and accurate images/ artwork/drawings/illustrations and other references.

  5. Freedom to Creativity: If the client does not provide sufficient references, the Live2D animator will animate it according based on own judgments or decisions.

  6. Right to Refuse: The Live2D animator reserves the right to refuse or cancel and refund an order at any time.

  7. Changes in Price: The prices are subject to changes from time to time, the prices will be based on the latest price on the pricing page, unless, agreement or booking have been made between Live2D animator and client before the changes of prices, or the deposit (the first payment) have been made.

  8. Payment: The currency uses for payment is United States Dollar (USD). If the client wishes to pay in alternative currency, the alternative currency of the same value will be accepted based on the exchange rate of alternative currency to USD in mid-market rate (the exchange rate in Google) at the current time of payment.
    -For example, if the client wishes to pay in Euro, the agreed price for the commission is 1000 USD, with the payment plan of 500 USD before and 500 USD after commission. Before the commission, the mid-market rate is 1 USD = 1 EUR, so client have to pay 500 EUR because 500 USD = 500 EUR. After the commission, the mid-market rate is 1 USD = 1.1 EUR, then the client has to pay 550 EUR since 500 USD = 550 EUR.

  9. Payment Method: The preferred payment method will be Wise and Payoneer. Paypal is not recommended. Another alternative suggested by the client can be taken into consideration.

  10. Payment Plan: The payment plan is negotiable. As a general rule, the Live2D animator will not start the project until the work has been fully paid for commission below 400 USD.

  11. Booking or Confirmation: The commission is not confirmed unless booking or deposit (first payment) is paid. The booking fee is 20% of the total commission price or any amount that is agreed upon after negotiation. If the commission is not confirmed, the client needs to pay for the latest pricing even if the pricing increases in the meantime, and the client will not be included the in waitlist (which it will supersede by others that have been confirmed and is lower on priority list).

  12. Refund Policy: No refunds in any circumstances, unless the Live2D animator wants to cancel/exit the project, but the client will not get any refund if the client initiates the cancellation. If the Live2D animator must cancel an order or exit the project, the amount of refund will be based on the progress made on the unfinished work and the amount that is already paid by the client. The progress including all the pre-rigging preparations, such as discussion and consultation on the model, PSD preparation, movement planning and etc.
    -For example, if the client paid for 50% of the commission. Upon cancellation, the progress made is 30%, the client will have the right to get 20% refund if the Live2D animator initiates the cancellation. If the client initiates the cancellation, the client will not get any refund.
    -If in case, the client paid for 20% of the commission. Upon cancellation, the progress made is 50%, the client will not get any refund, instead the client will have to pay the difference to the Live2D animator, which is 30% in this case. This scenario applies only when the client initiates the cancellation. If the Live2D animator initiates the cancellation, Live2D animator does not have the right to get paid for the difference.

  13. Revisions: The Live2D animator will periodically update the client for work progression and ask for revision. There will be no more than 3 revisions in the same aspects/objects/parts (for example, maximum 3 times of hair physics revisions, maximum 3 times of arm movement revisions, etc.). After the model/animation is done, any revisions will be discrete from the Live2D animator.

  14. Changes Requests: Minor changes requests (or requirements) are allowed when the rigging is started. Major changes will be discrete from the Live2D animator (extra charges will incur).

  15. Reproduce/Redistribute/Resale: The client must not reproduce or redistribute commissioned work other than for non-commercial use. The resale of commissioned work is also prohibited. Please discuss with the Live2D animator if you want to do so. To inquire about commercial use work, please negotiate with the Live2D animator. These are the non-exhaustive definitions (there are some might not be included, please contact Live2D animator for further discussion)=
    1. Non-commercial use including: Promotional use on social media and streaming platforms. Individual/independent streamer that does not have large following, whether if the client has large following is decided solely by Live2D animator discretion).
    2. Commercial use including: Individual/independent streamer that have large following. The commissioned works will be used for/by company/organization. Digital and physical merchandise for the commissioned works.

  16. Right to Use: The Live2D animator reserves the right to publicly display commissioned work in any way they wish (use as a portfolio etc.). If the client wishes for the commission to be kept private, they must state such when ordering.

  17. Social Media and other Platforms: The client is responsible for ensuring that the animations obey the social media’s or platform's (such as Twitch) terms of service. The Live2D animator takes no responsibility for emotes rejected by Twitch or any other commissioned work rejected by any other service or organization.

  18. Rush Orders: Please discuss with the Live2D animator for availability of such an order (extra charges will be required).

  19. Legal Age: The client or commissioner is of legal age to avoid any further complications.

  20. Right to Exit: The client and the Live2D animator both reserve the right to exit the project at anytime. Both the client and Live2D animator have the right to use the unfinished products as agreed on. All the monetary issues such as payment/refund will need to be addressed before the project is terminated.

  21. Chargebacks: The client agrees they will not issue a chargeback at any circumstances for the commission. If refund is agreed on, the Live2D animator will initiate the progress.

  22. Edits: Models/Rigs/Animations are not permitted to be edited, modify or updated by other modelers. If the client wants to do so, please discuss with Live2D animator.

  23. Source Files: The source files or the working file (file extension: cmo3 or can3) will not be given to the client except for circumstances, such as the source file is required for the game (further discussion and additional payment will be incurred for such cases).

  24. Turnaround Time: Generally, rigging commissions will have an estimated 2-4 weeks turnaround time from the start of the project. Exceptions might occur depending on the complexity of the request and the given situation.

  25. Credit: Credit the Live2D animator for the work done unless for private commission.

  26. VTuber Model: For the VTuber model, the result might be different due to the difference in face-tracking software, hardware, setting, and environment (such as lightning and others). The Live2D animator will not hold any responsibility if such differences occur.

  27. Not Safe for Work (NSFW): Live2D animator will consider accepting NSFW-related work. Further discussion can be done with Live2D animator.

  28. PSD Preparation: Before rigging/animating, the PSD file (existing artwork) separated into layers is required. Live2D animator can do the PSD preparation. The time and cost will incur an additional charge, and some changes might be made to the original art. Live2D animator will not bear any responsibility if any issue occurs if changes are done due to separating and cleaning the art. It is recommended for the client to discuss with the Live2D animator and the illustrator artist together before starting.

  29. Waitlist: The commission will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis, except for the rush order.

  30. Changes in Term of Service (ToS): The term of service is subject to changes from time to time. The latest ToS will overwrite the past, unless agreement or booking have been made between Live2D animator and client before the changes of ToS, or the deposit (the first payment) has been made.
    An invoice will be issued when payment (booking fee or deposit) is requested. All the details, like pricing and ToS will be included in the invoice. Pricing and ToS attached to the invoice will supersede everything unless there is agreement outside of it.

**Understand that you must abide by the TOS and acknowledge the info on this page to commission me. Thank you.